Our services involve the research and sourcing of existing products, according to customer's requirements, sample or drawing, and the design and sourcing of new bespoke products and customized solutions.

Difficulties and principles of the sourcing process

Companies in every industry are sourcing products overseas. Cost efficiency is an obvious advantage of sourcing to other countries, but the risks and challenges are less obvious and can’t be overseen. Sourcing overseas means also overcoming a variety of barriers, like time, distance and culture.

We at Tieps understand the difficulty that customers are faced with in sourcing overseas. Our focus is on helping customers through the whole sourcing process.

We consider sourcing a process encompassing various practical and ethical aspects. Both aspects are important and play a part in determining the choice of a supplier, because a business relationship doesn’t entail only profit, but it involves also moral obligations and responsibilities.

We assess those aspects, ponder each facet and share results and ideas with our customers.

Practical and ethical aspects

Practical aspects:

  • Identification of the customer need.
  • Identification of the possible suppliers.
  • Evaluation of quality, product features, supplier’s technical skills, pricing, delivery methods and timing.
  • Analysis of advantages and disadvantages.
  • Study of possible alternatives.
  • Ultimate selection of the manufacturer.

Ethical aspects:

  • Evaluation of how suppliers do business and of their commitment to honesty.
  • Evaluation of the suppliers economic and social practices.
  • Assessment of the working environment and of the suppliers’ respect of the human rights.
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