We intend to actively develop cooperation with customers and suppliers by offering support in expanding overseas and by becoming distributors.

Import from United States

We look for new opportunities of cooperation with US manufacturers of instrumentation and equipment, who are seeking after distributors in UK and Europe.
We believe in American quality and reliability and we’d love to help companies grow their business in new markets, by offering sales and marketing support and by becoming a value-added distributor.
Our aim is to forge strong relationships that last for the long term. Our mission is to create business value and to maximise our partners’ performance.

Export to China

We constantly seek after high quality instrumentation and equipment manufactured in Europe to export to China.
We want to be the export partner of choice for companies committed to international growth across greater China and we make our experience available to them.
To do business in China means operating in a very different environment where evolution is extremely quick, rules change and personal relationships play an important role.
Our approach to China is characterized by flexibility, ability to adapt, quick reaction to change, a good amount of patience and the use of coherent strategies.
Above all, we have the right network of reliable Chinese partners who are happy to support the expansion in their thorny market with integrity and honesty.

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